Abu Garcia Cardinal 600

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Abu garcia diplomat 601 / fast cast 1 - match/trotting fixed spool fishing reel

Vintage .. recovered spool disconnected ..abu cardinal 54,554,154 and 55

Bighead carp...abu cardinal 40...full game

Fishing vintage - the garcia mitchell story - 1962

катушки abu garcia cardinal и cardinal s

Vintage garcia mitchell 300 maintenance

Pancing=modal besar(abu cardinal 60)

Collection fishing reel..... eropah & asia

Pancing ...bungi.. capcai..( abu cardinal 66 x )

Fishing big patin..... (abu cardinal 60 model a part 1)

Basic spinning reel maintenance

Jom kita "modified" bunyi abu cardinal!!!!!

Ma collection de moulinet vintage. old reels collection

Abu ambassadeur 650 plus reel problem diagnosis with take apart

Fishing reel sound beautiful... 8kg (abu cardinal 66)

Pancing menjerit.. gila babi !!!! (abu cardinal garcia 154) part 1

Big dave wilson fishing - my favorite ultra light reels (abu garcia and penn)

Pancing klasik 50'an (abu record - 600) made in sweden

Rohu air kuning - perak - ( abu cardinal 444 )

Ugly stik rods .. hook vintage abu cardinal ..

How to restore / clean a spinning reel ... easy and cheap! fixes most older reels!

Shimano spinning reel maintenance tutorial

Pancing menjerit.. gila babi !!!! (abu cardinal garcia 154) part 2

Beach fishing set up: don’t waste your money

Abu garcia cardinal 653 reel review

Broken bail spring repair without replacing spring!

Cardinal highlight reel

Channel catfishing before work(silverbell lake)tucson,arizona

Is the abu garcia black max worth the money?

Ikan patin (abu cardinal 60 model a part 2)

Abu garcia ambassadeur s, sx, & stx casting reels | icast 2013

Switching the handle on spinning reels

How to cast a fishing reel for beginners (multiplier reel) - tafishing

Vintage surf spinning reel - daiwa 8600

Abu garcia(アブ・ガルシア) cardinal sx50

Jig fishing

Pancing mengena kameraman cemburu...... (abu cardinal 4x)

Mitchell 302 customer repair. take apart, cleaning and parial reassembly

How to oil and lube a baitcasting reel

Mitchell 402 reel

How to re-spool a spincast reel

Umpan rahsia .. tapai pulut peram !!!!!!!! (abu cardinal zebco 6x) part 1

My new pinnacle reel!!!

Ikan rohu 10kg (abu cardinal zebco 6 (part 2)

Ikan ara pancing... menjerit..(abu cardinal 77)

Pancing ikan tongsan 20kg (abu cardinal 40 part 1)

Pancing ikan lampam...da..ra!!!! (abu cardinal 40)

Abu garcia pro max gen 2 disassemble / reassemble

Reel diamond tackle 5

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