Kate Smith

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Famous 'god bless america' rendition banned over singer's racist past

Will cain defends kate smith after ny yankees pull historic 'god bless america'

Kate smith - that's why darkies were born - 1931

First takes heated race debate...

Kate smith introduces god bless america :: best quality

Kate smith's family disgusted with flyers after removal of statue

Fox faceoff - posthumous racism allegations against singer kate smith

Kate smith sings god bless america, movie short from 1943

Kate smith from the flyers vs bruins stanley cup playoffs may 19th 1974

Kate smith - that's why darkies were born

Kate smith’s family upset over ‘god bless america’ ban

Why kate smith shouldn't be condemned

Reaction to the kate smith controversy with pablo torre - apr 23, 2019

Kate smith - that's why darkies were born 1931

Why was ‘god bless america’ banned by yankees and flyers?

Leave kate smith alone!!!

Cher, tina turner & kate smith "beatles medley"

Headline news - death of kate smith, 1986

1976 kate smith anthem god bless america

Kate smith - that's why darkies were born

Family of singer kate smith speak out on racism controversy

The kate smith hour: dream a little dream of me

This week in blackface: kate smith and coon songs

The elder take on kate smith god bless america being banned

Yankees stop playing kate smith's god bless america at games

The kate smith hour - 1953

Stephen a. smith react to flyers remove statue of kate smith from outside arena

Flyers to stop using kate smith's 'god bless america' recording amid racism allegations

Kate smith: climb ev'ry mountain

Kate smith not #woke in 1931

Dean martin & kate smith - let me call you sweetheart

What's my line? - kate smith; panel: tony randall, betty white (dec 12, 1965)

President reagan presents the presidential medal of freedom award to kate smith on october 26, 1982

You gotta be kidding:yankees stopped playing kate smith's 'god bless america' after discovering

Kate smith: showstopper!

Kate smith racism/statue controversy: where white liberals, black “victims” and hypocrisy meet!

Yankees stop airing kate smith over racism claims

Kate smith sings god bless america, 1930s

Daily news writer opens up about kate smith racism story

Kate smith: god bless america (the hollywood palace)

Kate smith hour 441001 guest cast of can you top this, old time radio

Kate smith hour 430219 guest cast of it pays to be ignorant, old time radio

Professional sports teams banning kate smith's "god bless america" after racism claims!

February 19, 1943 - the kate smith show

Kate smith statue outside wells fargo center covered after alleged history of racism

Yankees and flyers: is the famous singer kate smith racist?

Hank williams on the kate smith evening hour vol. 1

Kate smith - ballad of the green beret

Kate smith hour 440331 first song someday we'll meet again, old time radio

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