Maritime Pollution Phenomenon

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Ocean pollution

Monitoring sea pollution - futuris

See how it feels to be an ocean animal stuck in a plastic bag | national geographic

Plastic oceans | what is the impact of polution in the sea?

Investigating ocean pollution

Great pacific garbage patch - ocean pollution awareness

World oceans day 2015: fight ocean pollution!

The ocean cleanup launches to the great pacific garbage patch

Ocean water pollution of beaches in asia

Rip ocean pollution and plastic water bottles

Two minutes on oceans w/ jim toomey: marine litter

Underwater noise - the overlooked catastrophe

Ocean pollution: davos report says plastic in oceans will outweigh fish by 2050 - tomonews

The world ocean "trashed"

A 22-year-old has raised $30m to fund his idea behind cleaning up plastic in the ocean

Plastics in oceans: more damaging than climate change

Plastic trash in oceans enters marine food chain

#ocean pollution awareness

Ocean mixing & pollution

Turning down the volume on human noise pollution for marine life

A plastic ocean official trailer

How did the deepest part of the ocean get so polluted?

G5/p2: coral reefs & marine pollution

How much trash is in the ocean?

Future conditional: the grasshopper effect: toxic pollution in the arctic

Ocean pollution - save our marine life

Stunning new video shows massive plastic debris in ocean | nbc nightly news

Noaa ocean today video: 'our debris filling the sea'

Philippines looks to tackle severe water pollution

Dirty waters: cashing in on ocean pollution

Ocean ‘dead zones’ exist — and there are more of them than we thought

The crazy plan to capture and store co2 under the ocean

Ocean cleaning machine: australian surfers quit jobs, invent seabin to clean up ocean - tomonews

Preventing our oceans from becoming dumps

Ship tracks reveal pollution

Pacific ocean plastic: indonesia pledges $1 billion to fight ocean plastic waste - tomonews

A sea of plastic: shocking images show how bottles, bags and rubbish are choking our oceans

Ocean acidification : what's the threat?

Ocean pollution

16x9 - garbage patch in the middle of the ocean

Human pollution | biology | ecology

The ocean cleanup will begin extracting plastic from the pacific in 2018

Race for water odyssey studies plastic pollution in oceans

How ocean currents move trash

Hawaii trash beach - great pacific garbage patch - ocean pollution awareness

Ocean heroes: what is a gyre? -- 5 gyres institute

‘the ocean and us’ - bbc earth, united nations ocean conference

Dan laffoley -- the ocean - the future we want

'garbage waves': trash covers water at beach in dominican republic

Short film | cousteaus aquanarium | ocean pollution

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